Protect your valuable field when not being used for games with the SuperCover line of Field Covers.

Harsh weather conditions (rain, snow, wind and ice) and pedestrian wear-and-tear during non-sporting events such as concerts or festivals can cause costly damage to your turf. SuperCover Field Covers are a specially-designed tarp that will protect your grass, keeping your field game-ready.

Field Covers are specially-designed, waterproof tarps that will cover and protect standard-size baseball, softball and little league infields. Rugged polyethylene/PVC fabric is rip-resistant and a silverpoly coating keeps ground cool and prevents turf burnout during high heat conditions. Brass grommets prevent rust and are spaced every 3-4 feet to allow for secure tying and staking. Extra-strong seams and hems protect edges from wear-and-tear. Field Covers are UV-protected so they don’t crack or fade from extreme summer heat and a special formulation in the material keeps the tarp supple during the coldest winters.

Field Covers are available for standard baseball, softball and little leaque infields. Standard color is silver/white - custom colors and logos are available. Made of a woven polyethylene for a strong, rip-resistant cover, SuperCover Field Covers are designed for long-lasting durable protection.

SuperCover Field Cover Features:

  • Rip-resistant fabric - woven polyethylene and PVC fabric prevents rips and small rips from expanding
  • Extra-strong seams - seams are heat-welded for durability and complete waterproof protection
  • Rot and mildew resistant
  • Long-lasting brass grommets resist rust and damage
  • Handles cold temperatures - special formulation in tarp material keeps the tarp supple through the coldest winters
  • Turf stays cool and green - special silver poly coating keeps ground cool and prevents turf burnout
  • Maximum UV protection - extra wide 1-1/2” and 3-layer hems are sewn with 4-ply polyester thread

SuperCover Field Cover Standard Sizes:

  • Baseball infield: 170' x 170'
  • Baseball infield: 160' x 160'
  • Softball infield: 120' x 120'
  • Little League infield: 90' x 90'
  • Custom sizes available

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