5 row ADA access Transportable Bleacher

If your looking for a transportable bleacher that has ADA access then you've come to the right place. By removing some of this bleachers seating we can create a viable ADA transportable bleacher.

5 row 19.5'L Transportable Bleacher w/ADA

Our 5 Row 19.5' w transportable ada bleachers provide wheelchiar access so everyone can join in on the fun!  This set is unique to the marketplace in that it combines the ridgid top notch performance of our world class transportable bleachers with the ADA accessibility  customers seek.  Requires one 5 row wheel kit  (sold separately)


Important Note: The BRB-TKL 5 Row Wheel Kit (Mechanical) is required to make these bleachers operational, be sure to add one with your quote/order, see "Frequently Bought Together" below.


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5 row 19.5'L Transportable Bleacher w/ADA