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DanceDeck Pro (DK Pro) is Signature's top-of-the line modular dance floor. Large panel sections (39" x 39") are made of solid maple or oak to create a truly elegant and spectacular dance floor suitable for the most upscale wedding and black-tie event. DK Pro is the only portable dance floor to offer matching wood edge pieces - creating a truly elegant finish to this beautiful floor. Used by hundreds of resorts, hotels, dance competitions and dance studios all over the world, every DanceDeck Pro floor is handcrafted to ensure quality - this portable dance floor will last for years!

DK Pro was designed by a team of professional dancers to meet their specific needs. After extensive research, they designed a floor that was easy to install, didn't come apart during aggressive dance moves, was especially beautiful, had built-in natural spring and above all was truly portable and economical.

DK Pro is the premier choice for large-panel portable dance floors. It is the most economical, simplest to assemble and above all, the best-looking portable dance floor on the market today. Signature's DK Pro dance floors have been used at some of the world's most prestigious dance competitions and special events.

Patented Design for Elegance, Ease of Use, & Maximum Comfort

DK Pro's unique manufacturing process and patented connection systems make our floor the quickest and simplest large-panel system to install. The lightweight panels (25 lbs.) can be handled by one person. DanceDeck Pro's all-wood portable dance floor panels snap in place to form a nearly seamless, elegant floor. Since the wood panels sit on top, not inside, of the aluminum frame, the visual result looks like a permanent, all-wood floor. This feature, combined with a high-gloss wood finish, makes the DanceDeck Pro portable dance floor an ideal choice for upscale facilities and events.

DK Pro offers the choice between two connection systems: our patented slide-and-snap system does not require tools, and the hidden cam lock system is easy for anyone to use. Both connection systems prevent sliding, buckling, and disconnecting and are hidden under the panel.

Many users of the DK Pro portable dance floor comment on its comfort and "danceability." DK Pro is cleverly designed - the wood floor panels are ¾" thick and are slightly elevated off the ground by the aluminum frame - to allow for spring in the floor. DK Pro has been used at prestigious dance competitions, exhibitions, clubs, hotels and resorts all over the world. DK Pro feels as good as it looks!

Dancedeck pro is available in 3 wood grain colors; Dark,  Light, And Black. 

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