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DanceDeck (DK) vinyl modular tile incorporates an easy-to-clean, simulated wood grain or solid-colored vinyl laminate that is inset into a sturdy and water-resistant polypropylene base. DanceDeck portable dance floor is easy to install in minutes without the use of tools.

DanceDeck in vinyl has the look and feel of real wood, yet is simpler to clean and maintain than real wood. Because DanceDeck is manufactured using a high-impact polypropylene, these portable dance floor modules may be used both indoors and on outdoor ground surfaces. (Avoid direct sunlight.) Unlike other types of dance floors on the market, DanceDeck is non-absorbent and allows water to flow underneath.

If you need additional elevation or the ability to run wires, power cords, or Ethernet cables to power lights, speakers, or computer equipment securely under your floor, we also have Raised DanceDeck version of the modular dance floor tile that has molded-in cable channels, allowing cables to be run safely under the surface of your floor for a clean, elegant look. ADA-compliant, sloped edge pieces designed specifically to work with the additional height of these tiles are also available to complete your floor.

The vinyl topped DanceDeck modular dance floor does not need to be sanded or refinished. Simply mop or clean DK using water and standard cleaning fluids.

Simple To Install - No Tools Required

Each DanceDeck and DanceDeck Deluxe modular tile is 1ft x 1ft and features our specialized hook-and-loop connection system, which allows for rapid assembly without tools and with minimal effort. Simply snap portable dance floor sections together to create a beautiful uniform floor, upon which all types of dancing can be performed. Add beveled edging to finish your floor.

DK and DKX dance floor sections ship in convenient 3ft x 3ft pre-assembled panels for speedy installs. The individual 1 sq/ft modular tiles can be used to wrap around tight corners and fit around columns and offer greater design flexibility than other, larger size tiles.

Lightweight and Practical

DK and DKX portable dance floors are a durable and lightweight alternative to heavy solid wood floors. Each 1 sq/ft modular tile weighs less than 2 lbs and is easy to store and transport. A 3ft x 3ft vinyl DK portable section weighs less than 16 lbs and can be comfortably handled by one person. No tools, cams, or mechanical devices are used when installing DK and DKX - saving time and labor. Sections can be stacked neatly and compactly on standard pallets or on our custom-designed transport cart, ready for future use.

PVC Base for Long-Lasting Durability

Because the DK and DKX dance floor are manufactured using a durable polypropylene base, each floor tile is long-lasting and water-resistant. The top laminate or wood tile sits inside the polypropylene tray protecting the sides from wear and tear. In addition, channels on the underside of the modular tile allow water to flow under the tile, and also provide added stability when laid on uneven or soft surfaces, such as grass or gravel. The polypropylene base also lightens the tile substantially allowing for quicker install and dismantle times.

Easy to Store and Transport

Portable DK and DKX dance floor sections can be stacked neatly and compactly on standard pallets or on our custom designed rolled transport cart. Each modular tile is just over 1/2 inch thick and stacks neatly.


Dancedeck is available in 4 color choices; Dark wood, Light wood, Black, and White. 

Our dance floors have been featured on:

  • American Idol
  • Good Morning America
  • Trading Spaces
  • The Tony Danza Show
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
  • BRIDE Magazine


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