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Versacourt outdoor tennis court surface tiles play like a clay tennis court at a fraction of the cost.  This beautiful durable tile is great at reducing muscle fatigue and has excellent ball response!

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VersaCourt is the most innovative tennis court system on the market today. Incorporating the most recent advancements in technology ensures a comfortable, safe surface, ideal for backyard and professional tennis courts. The ¾" thick, shock-absorbing, suspended surface reduces playing fatigue, provides better ball rebound and exceptional game performance.
The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has rated modular tennis court tile as a medium/fast speed playing surface. VersaCourt's tennis courts have a super grip surface design that delivers an unequaled performance in game play allowing greater safety when jumping and turning. The absorbing nature of the VersaCourt tile, besides protecting joints and lower back, can reduce the impact from falls that might other wise produce significant injury. Whether a playing on a commercial or residential tennis court, safety should be top priority.
VersaCourt tiles are water resistant and are unaffected by humidity. Small openings in the tile surface allow water to pass through the tile; the post design allows water to drain below the playing surface. No more puddles means tennis courts are ready for play just minutes after rain.
Selecting different colors for the playing court and border tile allow you to match the colors of your favorite team. With 17 colors to choose from, the design possibilities are endless. Visit our sister site  to use our court designer to plan the court of your dreams. We can even customize your court with a personal or team logo. Visit our Tennis Court Photo Gallery for design ideas.
Players and coaches alike say the pace and ball bounce inherent in VersaCourt tennis courts promotes a more enjoyable ground stroke game that is very beneficial for promoting youth development. Senior players not only enjoy the speed and pace of the game, but the orthopedic benefits of the surface allow players to play longer with less physical stress.
VersaCourt was designed with orthopedic benefits in mind to help protect your knees, ankles and back from the stress that they receive playing on traditional hard court surfaces. The expansion joints and spring tabbing mechanism between the tiles allow slight side-to side movement and forgiveness on joints and lower back. VersaCourt's design also allows for a slight vertical give which takes additional pressure off of joints.
VersaCourt's patented 6-point locking mechanism and Swiss-designed and manufactured 16 injection point tooling allow us to manufacture the flattest most uniform game court tiles on the market. This flatness and tight locking mechanism allow for the truest most responsive ball bounce of any tennis court tile available today. See what sets VersaCourt Tennis Courts apart from the rest of the pack.


  • Low maintenance - Eliminates painting, stripping and problems with cracks
  • Cooler - VersaCourt is up to 50% cooler than asphalt or concrete surfaces
  • Orthopedic benefits - Touted by customers and physicians alike for its physical stress reduction characteristics
  • Adaptable to multiple sports - Not only can you play basketball on your VersaCourt, but you can also play shuffleboard, tennis, hopscotch, pickleball and more
  • Long lasting - 15-year warranty and 25-30 year life expectancy on our basketball court surfaces

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