Tip and Roll Bleachers with Double Footplanks at builtriteBLEACHERS.com

The double footplanks on our tip and roll bleachers makes them a more easily navigable bleacher system because it allows people enough room to pass in front of one another when entering or exiting the bleachers. 

Preferred Pool Bleachers (Double Footplanks)
Model Rows | Length | Seating Capacity | Weight Price QTY Purchase / Shipping Quote

2-Rows -7.5'Long -Seats 10 -Weight -135lbs.

TNR-0207.5P/AN $2,741.00

2-Rows -9'Long -Seats 12 -Weight -145lbs.

TNR-0209P/AN $2,893.00

2-Rows -12'Long -Seats 16 -Weight -179lbs.

TNR-0212P/AN $3,058.00

2-Rows -15'Long -Seats 20 -Weight -226lbs.

TNR-0215P/AN $3,433.00

2-Rows -21'Long -Seats 28 -Weight -282lbs.

TNR-0221P/AN $3,870.00

2-Rows -24'Long -Seats 32 -Weight -320lbs.

TNR-0224P/AN $4,391.00

3-Rows -7.5'Long -Seats 15 -Weight -188lbs.

TNR-0307.5P/AN $2,206.00

3-Rows -9'Long -Seats 18 -Weight -206lbs.

TNR-0309P/AN $2,575.00

3-Rows -12'Long -Seats 24 -Weight -263lbs.

TNR-0312P/AN $2,918.00

3-Rows -15'Long -Seats 30 -Weight -330 lbs.

TNR-0315P/AN $3,409.00

3-Rows -21'Long -Seats 42 -Weight -419lbs.

TNR-0321P/AN $4,307.00

3-Rows -24'Long -Seats 48 -Weight -479lbs.

TNR-0324P/AN $5,140.00