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Prices shown on the BuiltRiteBleachers.com website do not include the cost of shipping to your location. To aquire a shipping quote locate the type of bleacher you wish to purchase, then click the Get Shipping Quote button on that page. Fill out the shipping quote form completely and a quote containing the merchandise and shipping quote will be emailed to the email address you provide us in the quote request you send.

Bleachers are typically too long to be able to effectively use a hydraulic lift gate on a delivery vehicle, for this reason hydraulic lift gate services will not be included in the shipping quote sent to you.


Unless otherwise specified all orders ship via FOB common carrier. Our standard shipping via freight is CURBSIDE DELIVERY. This means that the item that you ordered would be delivered to the curbside and it is NOT the responsibility of the truck driver to unload or assemble your shipment. It will be entirely your responsibility to remove the item off of the truck and bring it inside. Your shipment will be heavy and may require 2 or more people to unload the shipment. For large shipments we suggest contacting a local tool rental store and rent a fork lift for these purposes.

The trucking company will typically call you in advance to schedule a time of delivery. Typically, it will be scheduled during business hours Monday-Friday and they will provide you with a 2-5 hour window for delivery. It will be very important that you keep your appointment and have the ability to remove your shipment on your own. If you do not keep the appointment or cannot remove the shipment on your own, the trucking company will have to charge you for redelivery.


When your shipment arrives, the most important step you should take is to inspect the shipment for damage. If there is any noticeable damage, make sure that delivery person notes it on the delivery receipt in full detail of any of the damages. If there is extensive damage to the shipment, simply refuse the shipment and contact us ASAP at 866-281-5337. In addition, when you sign the delivery receipt for the shipment you should always note “SUBJECT TO FURTHER INSPECTION” on the receipt.

It will be very important that once you unload your shipment that you unpack it ASAP and do a full inspection on all parts to make sure there is no concealed damaged. If you discover any damage that was concealed once you unpack it, please contact us ASAP to resolve the issue. Any issues with concealed damages must be brought to our attention within 5 business days so that we can resolve it in a timely fashion.

Cancellation Policy

Custom Orders are non refundable can only be cancelled if production for the order has not taken place yet. In the event a custom order is cancelled and production for that order has taken place, the customer is still responsible for the entire payment of the custom order and any additional storage or transport fees associated with that order. Custom orders are non-refundable. BuiltRiteBleachers.com is not responsible for customers purchasing errors of merchandise. Errors made by BuiltRiteBleachers.com like incorrectly modified items such as a color or size errors, will be replaced by BuiltRiteBleachers.com at no cost to the customer. All colored items including powder coating, seat cushions, thermoplastic coating, or items with unique sizing are considered custom orders.

Buying Decision Errors

Please make sure that the product you purchase is the correct item for your application, if you have questions please call us toll free at 866-281-5337. incorrect purchases are accessed a 50% restocking fee. This restocking fee is based on the actual purchase price less actual shipping costs. Actual shipping costs are not credited back to the purchase price.

NON Custom Orders

If you wish to cancel your order BEFORE shipping has occurred, BuiltRiteBleachers.com will gladly provide a full store credit, refund the total amount by company check minus 3% of the total order, or credit the amount directly to your card minus 6% of the total order.

If you wish to cancel your order AFTER shipping has occurred you must call to receive a Return Authorization Number from our customer service staff or email us. Return shipping charges and arrangements will be the responsibility of the customer. We do not credit back shipping charges of the original purchase. There will be a 30% restocking fee of the purchase price in addition the actual cost to originally ship the product to your location will be deducted from your refund.

Our customer service department can be reached by clicking here. if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We appreciate your input and would love to hear from you.


Your order will ship directly from the manufacturer. When the freight company picks up your order at the manufacturer they are asked to sign off that the order was received in good condition. The order is then placed on the truck and forwarded to the customer. The overwhelming majority of all orders arrive in pristine condition, however in the event your order is damaged in transit (extremely rare) we ask that you please review the below policies for related occurrences.


When your order arrives, the customer is required to sign off on the freight company’s receipt verifying that the complete order has arrived in good condition. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify that the number of boxes received matches the number of boxes listed on the freight carrier’s bill of lading. If the amount of boxes you receive does not match the amount of boxes stated on the freight carriers bill of lading it is the customers responsibility to make note of this on the freight carriers receipt. If the boxes appear to be in good condition simply sign the receipt noting that a box was missing from the order and immediately contact BuiltRiteBleachers.com at 866-281-5337. We will then contact the manufacturer to advise them of the missing box and a new box containing the missing item will be immediately shipped to you at no charge to you.


When your order arrives it is the responsibility of the customer to verify that all boxes containing your order that are being received appear in good condition. If the correct number of boxes has been delivered and there is no visible damage of any boxes then simply sign the freight carrier’s receipt. If after the freight carrier leaves you subsequently discover that while the boxes arrived in good condition the contents of that box was damaged. This is referred to as concealed damage see “Concealed Damage” below on how to proceed. If visible damage is present to any of the boxes containing your order, the customer is responsible to open the damaged boxes and verify the contents are in good condition before signing off on the freight carriers receipt. If damage to the contents of the box is present the customer can at this point either refuse delivery of the entire order of refuse delivery of that particular box if all other boxes appear to be in good condition. Make a notation on the freight carriers receipt that you are refusing delivery because your order arrived in damaged condition. At this point contact BuiltRiteBleachers.com at 866-281-5337 and we will contact the manufacturer who will in turn verify that your delivery or a portion thereof was refused because of damage and the manufacturer will immediately send you out a new order at no additional charge to you.


After your order has been received and the boxes containing your order all appear to be in good shape. It is the responsibility of the customer to open and inspect the entire order within 2 days of its receipt. If damage is present to an item whose box appeared to be undamaged this is know as concealed damage. If concealed damage exists contact BuiltRiteBleachers.com to report the concealed damage and we in turn will contact the manufacturer who will send a replacement for the damaged item at no charge to you. When the item is delivered the freight carrier will at the same time pick up the item containing the concealed damage and return it to the manufacturer, again there is no charge to you for this service.


Boxes containing missing parts and damage caused by use of the merchandise for what it was intended are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and are replaced at no charge to the customer.

Please remember that your signature on the freight company’s delivery form is very important! If you sign off on the freight company’s delivery receipt, then you have agreed that your complete order has arrived in good condition, and at this point the freight company will not reimburse us for any missing merchandise or damage merchandise that may have been caused during the shipping process. Replacement costs for any missing or damaged merchandise will then become the sole responsibility of the customer. So please make sure your complete order has arrived in good condition before signing off on the freight carrier’s delivery receipt form. It is not recommended that you ask the freight carrier to drop off the shipment without you or your representative first inspecting your order, the freight company also deems this as an approved delivery signoff and will not reimburse us for any missing or damages caused in the shipping process.