Standard Single Footplank Tip and Roll Bleachers

Our standard tip and roll bleachers feature single footplanks.  These bleachers are perfect for auxiliary seating and are low priced to meet any budget. 

Standard Pool Bleachers (single foot planks)
Model Rows | Length | Seating Capacity | Weight Price QTY Purchase / Shipping Quote

2-Rows -7.5'Long -Seats 10 -Weight -121lbs.

TNR-0207.5S/AN $1,412.00

2-Rows -9'Long -Seats 12 -Weight -128lbs.

TNR-0209S/AN $1,670.00

2-Rows -12'Long -Seats 16 -Weight -157lbs.

TNR-0212S/AN $1,850.00

2-Rows -15'Long -Seats 20 -Weight -199lbs.

TNR-0215S/AN $2,323.00

2-Rows -21'Long -Seats 28 -Weight -245lbs.

TNR-0221S/AN $3,269.00

2-Rows -24'Long -Seats 32 -Weight -276lbs.

TNR-0224S/AN $2,323.00

3-Rows -7.5'Long -Seats 15 -Weight -160lbs.

TNR-0307.5S/AN $2,023.00

3-Rows -9'Long -Seats 18 -Weight -173lbs.

TNR-0309S/AN $2,206.00

3-Rows -12'Long -Seats 24 -Weight -219lbs.

TNR-0312S/AN $1,967.00

3-Rows -15'Long -Seats 30 -Weight -271lbs.

TNR-0315S/AN $2,464.00

3-Rows -21'Long -Seats 42 -Weight -343lbs.

TNR-0321S/AN $3,658.00

3-Rows -24'Long -Seats 48 -Weight -392lbs.

TNR-0324S/AN $4,336.00