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We offer quality stadium bleachers that will be a hit with your fans. Our durable outdoor seating represents the best bang for your buck in the industry.

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4 row double footplank bleachers

3 row standard bleachers

Tip and Roll Bleachers

Standard (single footplanks)

Preferred (2 footplanks)

Low Rise (single footplanks)

4 Row Low-rise Preferred bleachers

Low Rise (2 footplanks)

Deluxe bleachers

Deluxe Bleachers (Handrail & Aisle's)

ADA bleacher drawing ADA bleacher drawing

ADA Bleachers (Chainlink Guardrail) ADA Bleachers (Vertical Picket Guardrail)

Elevated Bleachers


In order to remain in compliance without having to add the expense of a chain link guardrail or picket rail system some bleacher companies will not clearly explain to their customers that the bleachers they are selling are low rise bleachers. Standard rise bleachers have a first row height of 16"-17" from the ground while low rise bleachers have a 10"-12" first row height, the low rise bleacher has a more squat feel to those sitting in the first row.

There are advantages and disadvantages to low rise bleachers.


1. Low rise bleachers that are under 4 rows tall will have their top row height at or below 30". This is important because there is a national building code that requires any bleacher with its top row height over 30" be enclosed in a chain link or picket guardrail system or some other such protective device. A chain link guardrail or picket guardrail system can significantly add to the cost of the bleacher, so eliminating the need for these protective devices saves you dollars.

2. Low rise bleachers are ICC 2007 code compliant for bleacher egress without the need for an aisle. Click here for egress code.


3. Low rise bleachers have a lower first row seat height that may make them feel less comfortable than standard rise bleachers. This may be especially true for taller individuals.

Some bleacher companies will not distinguish for their customers which bleachers are standard rise and which are low rise, so pay attention to the first row seat height when comparing bleacher sets, if the first row is under 16" tall your most likely looking at a low rise bleacher. logo and phone number website header.

Large Seating Plans

Seating Plans
IBC 2003 Compliant
(ADA seats not shown in drawings)

The drawings below reflect only a few of our suggested seating plans available. We can custom design
and manufacture many system sizes and configurations to fit your seating requirements and site restrictions. Contact us for a free consultation, and we will be glad to help find the best solutions for your needs and budget.

Note: Specs, .dwg CAD drawings, Foundation Plans and Anchoring Requirements available upon request.

3D drawing show with optional powder coated planks for contrast

10 Row Bleacher Systems

10 row bleacher drawing

Above 10 Row x 55' 6" (316 seats, or 288 + 5 HC

10 row bleacher drawing

Above 10 Row x 61.5 (356 seats w/o ADA seating) NOTE: All systems are available with ADA seating

10 row elevated bleacher

elevated bleachers

Above 10 Row x 91' 6" (529 seats, or 497 + 6HC)

elevated bleachers

elevated bleachers

Above 10 Row x 133' 6" (740 + 8 HC)

elevated bleachers

Above 10 Row x 175' 6" (1035 seats, or 983 + 10 HC)

15 Row Bleacher Systems

elevated bleachers

Above 15 Row x 61' 6" (531 seats, or 495 + 6 HC)

elevated bleachers

Above 15 Row x 121' 6" (1047 seats, or 993 + 10 HC)

elevated bleachers

Above 15 Row x 175' 6" (1545 seats, or 1473 + 13 HC)

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