Portable Bleachers from BuiltRite Bleachers

Our portable bleachers come in standard height (first row 17" from ground), low rise (first row 10.5" from ground), in either single, or double foot plank sets.

Portable Tip and Roll Bleachers

Our bleachers are sold throughout the US and Canada. Assembly Required.

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Standard Height- Single Footplanks

Standard Height - Double Footplanks (Preferred)

Low Rise Single Footplanks Low Rise - Double Footplanks (Preferred)
How to select the correct portable bleachers for your application.

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Video Transcription

We offer four different styles of tip and roll bleachers. Standard height single foot plank. Standard height double foot plank (also known as preferred). Low rise single foot plank and low rise double foot plank (also known as preferred). Preferred simply refers to double foot planks, so it you see the word preferred throughout the webs site that?s all that's referring to, double foot planks. The difference between a standard height bleacher and a low rise bleacher is on a standard height bleacher the first row seat height is seventeen inches from the ground. On a low rise bleacher the first row seat height is ten point five inches from the ground. Low rise bleachers use an eleven point five inch wide anodized aluminum seat plank while standard height bleachers use a nine point five inch wide anodized aluminum seat plank. So to re-cap the low rise bleachers sit closer to the ground than standard height bleachers, but they use a wider seat plank, and the standard height bleachers are further from the ground and use a more narrow seat plank. Double foot planks tend to make the bleacher a little more comfortable to sit in. This is especially important when it comes to low rise bleachers because there is more of a squat feel to low rise bleachers. Double foot planks give you the ability to slide your feet further forward making the bleacher a little bit more comfortable to sit in. There is a national building code and to paraphrase it ,it states: Any bleacher with a row height in excess of thirty inches must have some guard installed on it, that will prevent a four inch orb from passing through any open areas above the thirty inches. This means that if a tip and roll bleachers has a seat height above thirty inches it would have to have a chain-link guardrail attached to it. This would make a tip and roll bleacher way to heavy and cumbersome to maneuver. You won?t see tip and roll bleachers with chain-link guardrails on them and this is why the tallest row on any of our tip and roll bleachers is always under thirty inches high. For standard height portable tip and row bleachers this means the maximum amount of rows would be 3 , for low rise tip and roll bleachers the maximum amount of rows will be four. To find out more information about any of these portable bleachers, just click on the type of bleacher you?re interested in and you'll be brought to the main product page for that bleacher type. There you'll find a description of the bleacher type and if you scroll down the page you'll find a chart that contains the various sizes of those bleachers along with a brief description and price. The column to the left is the column number. The center column will tell you the amount of rows, seating capacity, and weight, to the right of that column is the price. From this page you can place an order adjusting the quantity and clicking the add to cart button or if you just need a quote emailed to you then click the green get quote button. For additional information click the model number, you'll then be taken to the product detail page. This page will contain a description in the description block, then if you click on the more info tab there are links to downloadable pdf documents, such as bleacher specifications and a drawing of the bleacher that contains measurements of all the key dimensions of that bleacher. From this page you can purchase the bleacher by clicking the add to cart button and following through with the shopping cart, or if right now you?re just looking to get a quote emailed to you with the shipping included click the green get quote button, fill out the shipping info and a quote will be emailed to you instantly. If you have additional questions or need to speak with a customer service representative, please call BuiltRiteBleachers.com toll free at 866-281-5337 or send us an email at info@builtritebleachers.com. This concludes the product tour of our tip and roll bleachers here at BuiltRiteBleachers.com , Thank you for your interest in our products and have a great day!